Weekly Prayer Ministry

“Prayer is difficult. It is not the techniques that are hard-most of the techniques are amusingly easy. Rather the difficulty lies in following through on the commitment to pray in the face of distractions that bear down on us or pick at us like annoying bugs, driving us away from the presence of God,” writes Daniel Wolpert in his book Creating a Life with God.

Everyone is welcome to join us for our weekly prayer meeting. This quarter we are using the model “Praise, Repent, Ask for others, and Your own needs,” for our group prayer time. If you cannot attend, but want to request that we pray for you please submit the Prayer Request form below.

Pastor Johnson leads this Prayer meeting. Please contact the church office if you have questions. We hope you will join us as we pray for the needs of others all over the world.

Church Office: (304) 566-8291, christianchurchoffice@gmail.com


Feb 02 2022


06:00 am - 07:30 am

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